Maximizing Value for Customers

Wolters Kluwer

Maximizing Value for Customers builds on Wolters Kluwer’s strong foundation as The Professional’s First Choice to provide information, tools, and solutions to help professionals deliver quality results more efficiently. Increasingly, customers expect value to be provided at the point-of-need and point-of-use. Our customer promise is to be the preferred global provider of information-enabled solutions to help professionals manage processes and drive results effectively.

We add even greater value by helping customers produce tangible results through information-enabled, intelligent solutions and efficient process management. This improves the professionals’ expertise, lowers costs, and increases productivity. We also focus on markets where we can create a ‘hub’ to provide collaboration and connectivity across a customer’s workflow. And, our organization will focus on the strength of our global market positions to support innovation and efficiency.

Our customers are increasingly compensated for results, with growing emphasis on quality, accuracy, and productivity. Wolters Kluwer is well positioned to meet those needs and facilitate collaboration between professionals.

met Nancy McKinstry, Veena Fox Parekh
ontwerp & productie Oskar Luyer
art-direction & fotografie Taco Anema
camera Erik Willems, Taco Anema
sounddesign Wiebe de Boer
tekst Wolters Kluwer Corporate Communications