Exploration & Innovation

Wolters Kluwer

Video for Wolters Kluwer Beijing Book Fair 2011. People are curious. The desire to explore goes back to the dawn of time. Babies are born with a natural curiosity and grow by exploring. As we mature, we discover new things about the world around us. Exploration leads to innovation. Creating new ways to work, play, live and learn. Our creativity has led us to build tools that have transformed our understanding of the physical world. From remote galaxies to the space inside our very cells. From the research laboratory to the digital frontier. Digital information plays a key role in today’s world – where will exploration and innovation lead next?

met Li Zhihui, Nancy McKinstry, Yu Dianli, Shasha Chang
montage & vormgeving Oskar Luyer
art-direction & camera Taco Anema
muziek & mixage Wiebe de Boer
concept & tekst Wolters Kluwer Corporate Communications